Government Contract

  • Reference Number: C-2017-2018-Q3-00440

    Procurement Identification Number: 3000656457

    Vendor Name: FESCHUK.REID

    Contract Date: 2017-11-30

    Economic Object Code: 351

    Description of work: Communications professional services not Elsewhere Specified

    Contract Period Start Date: 2017-11-30

    Contract Period End Date or Delivery Date: 2018-03-30

    Contract Value: $15,820.00

    Additional comments: Communications and Speech Writing Services

    Commodity Type: Service

    Commodity Code: S002

    Country of Origin: CA

    Solicitation Procedure: Traditional Non-Competitive

    Limited Tendering Reason: Low Dollar-value

    Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business Incidental Indicator: No

    Intellectual Property Indicator: Crown owned – exception 4.1

    Potential for Commercial Exploitation: No

    Former Public Servant in receipt of a PSSA pension: No

    Instrument Type: Contract

    Reporting Period: 2017-2018-Q3

    Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada

    Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement Number: E60ZT-152199/157/ZT

    Exemption: None