Government Hospitality Expense

Reference Number: H-2024-P12-008

Disclosure Group: Senior officer or employees

Title: Vice-President, People Workforce and Supports

Name: Williamson, Alexis

Organization: Canada Energy Regulator

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Total: $283.66

Description: To support, celebrate and recognize 'The February 28 Pot Luck for Black Employee Month' at C-10 Calgary, AB.

Start Date: 2024-02-28

End Date: 2024-02-28

Attendees (Government of Canada Employees): 59

Attendees (Guests): 1

Name of commercial establishment or vendor involved in the hospitality activity: Costco Wholesale

Additional comments: Juices, water bottles, utensils, plates, napkins, fuits, deserts.

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