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The Directive on Open Government requires all applicable Government of Canada organizations to conduct an inventory of their open data holdings. All of the inventories we received have been consolidated into the chart below. Use the thumbs up to help prioritize the release of a dataset. To access the open data used to create the table, visit Open Data Inventory.

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Percent Saturated Surface Soil Moisture Difference from Long Term Average

This data series represents the volumetric soil moisture (percent saturated soil) for the surface layer, expressed as a difference from the long term average. The average is calculated from all…

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2015-12-21 2016-09-24
Metals in Precipitation

This data collection contains metals data in precipitation measured under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Monitoring and Surveillance project of the Great Lakes Basin (GLB). In collaboration…

Environment and Climate Change Canada 2016-08-10
Historical Data on Slaughter Waste Innovation Program (SWIP)

Data supporting the Slaughter Waste Innovation Program (SWIP) which supports industry in the research, development, and commercialization or adoption of innovative technologies or processes…

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Air Pollutant Emission Inventory (APEI), Canada, 1991

The Air Pollutant Emission Inventory (APEI) is an annual report of air pollutant emissions across Canada published by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The report details the release of air…

Environment and Climate Change Canada 2016-02-15
National Ecological Framework for Canada - Soil Texture

The “National Ecological Framework for Canada - Soil Texture” dataset series contains tables that provide soil texture information for components within an ecological framework polygon. It…

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2013-05-21 2016-09-24
The Chief of the Defence Staff's (CDS) Decisions related to the MGERC findings and recommendations issued in the last five years

The dataset contains the distribution of the CDS' decisions in percentage on each category.

Military Grievances External Review Committee 2016-04-06
SMS Technical and Administrative Frequency List (TAFL): Maritime Service

The Technical and Administrative Frequency List (TAFL) that contains technical data on radio system frequencies used in Canada for the Land Mobile Service.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada 2016-08-01 2017-03-13
Incremental Effective Drainage Areas of the AAFC Watersheds Project - 2013

The “Incremental Effective Drainage Areas of the AAFC Watersheds Project– 2013” dataset is a geospatial data layer containing polygon features representing the portions of each incremental gross…

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2013-04-05 2016-09-25
Maximum Pensionable Earnings and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Amounts for 1997 to 2015

The Maximum Pensionable Earnings and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) rates and amounts for the tax years 1997 to 2015.

Canada Revenue Agency 2015-02-10 2015-02-10
Canadian’s Understanding and Use of the Nutrition Facts Table: Baseline National Survey Results

A series of health-related data sets from various quantitative public opinion research studies.

Health Canada 2013-05-27 2013-05-27