Acts of Founded Wrongdoing

Reference Number: FW-2018-Q1-00002

Organization: Global Affairs Canada

File Identification Number: PSDPA2018-0007

File Identification Date: 2018-04-01

Findings and Conclusions: a serious breach of a code of conduct established under section 5 or 6

Case Description: Between April and June 2018, the Values and Ethics Unit (ZIBV) received disclosures of wrongdoing against an Executive employee outlining allegations of gross mismanagement and serious breaches of the Values and Ethics Code, which would breach paragraphs 8 (c) and (e) of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA). More specifically, it was alleged that the respondent was involved in staffing irregularities and repeatedly made inappropriate comments to employees, some of which were of a sexual nature. It was also alleged that the respondent engaged in inappropriate behaviours that could constitute systemic harassment. The investigation concluded that the allegations of gross mismanagement and staffing irregularities were not founded. However, it was determined that most of the allegations of inappropriate sexual comments and behaviours were founded, and therefore constitute a serious breach of the Departmental Values and Ethics Code. The disclosure was therefore deemed to be partially founded. The preponderance of evidence and the balance of probabilities supported findings of wrongdoing in accordance with Section 8 e) of the PSDPA, a serious breach of a code of conduct established under Section 5 or 6 of the Act.

Recommendations and Corrective Measures: Administrative measures were taken against the executive employee by the delegated authority during the course of the investigation. These measures included sensitivity training and coaching. The respondent left the Public Service before the conclusion of the investigation. Actions will also be taken by Global Affairs Canada to restore the work environment within the organizational unit involved.