Acts of Founded Wrongdoing

Reference Number: PSDPA 2018-2019-005

Organization: Employment and Social Development Canada

File Identification Number: PSDPA 2018-2019-005

File Identification Date: 2019-08-02

Findings and Conclusions: a serious breach of a code of conduct established under section 5 or 6

Case Description: ESDC’s Senior Disclosure Officer received a disclosure of wrongdoing under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, alleging wrongdoing under section 8 (e) of the Act. An investigation was conducted and an employee was found to have committed wrongdoing by contravening the Public Service Health Care Plan Directive (National Joint Council) and seriously breaching the ESDC Code of Conduct. The employee falsely claimed a person as a common law spouse to facilitate that person’s claim to benefits under the Public Service Health Care Plan, and future claim to benefits under the Public Service Superannuation Act.

Recommendations and Corrective Measures: Recommendations for corrective measures included: to determine and implement the appropriate corrective or administrative measures against the employee in question for the serious breach of the code, and, to inform the public service medical and dental plan administrators of the findings of the investigation so that costs may be recovered.