Simply Worded Legislation


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Michele Camacho
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Like many working Canadians, I have recently been reading Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.  My interest as a Marketing Director was to ensure that our corporate newsletter sent out 3 times a year to approx. 1,700 contacts did not qualify as a Commercial Electronic Message as it was not selling anything nor was it linking to a site that sold anything.  I contacted the CRTC both by telephone and e-mail as directed asking for a "Yes" or "No" answer to my question.  I was utterly appalled at the advice given that I should consult a lawyer.  Legislation are the rules by which Canadians must abide.  If they are not clearly and simply expressed, how can anyone follow these rules?  This is not simply about CASL, it applies to all legislation.  Why is the Canadian government making work for lawyers? Is it because most politicians started out as lawyers?  Most people cannot afford to hire lawyers - they charge more than most professionals today. If you or your staff do not understand the rules you are issuing, then don't issue them. This should be a major initiative of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, to simplify the language of the laws and regulations they pass so that people can understand them without having to consult a lawyer.

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