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A live feed of queue length could help people who work nearby choose an optimal time to go to the passport office.

A historical day-of-the-week average queue length dataset for a given passport office would let somebody plan their visit for say Tuesday at 9:30AM because on average that's when the queue is shortest.

I'm sure there are annual cycles to passport renewals / applications... perhaps queues are longer during the run-up to summer holidays and Christmas when more people are about to travel... so knowing that the average queue length is shorter in Feb and Oct would be good for people who have flexibility about when they'll be renewing their passports.

I understand that not all Passport Canada offices will have the same digital queuing system (or a digital queuing system at all). I also understand that it might be hard to extract the queue length from a proprietary system and put it up on the web in a format like XML or JSON... but that's probably all that you'd need to do... let the creative public make the app / website that consumes that data. It's the kind of thing that I'm sure Google would love to put on their search results page for a Passport Canada office along with the hours of operation and address.

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Maryana Nikoula - January 10, 2018

Wait times for passport office in Gatineau - on Thursday and Friday morning, Jan 11, Jan 12

EPL - January 03, 2018

Which of the three Toronto passport offices (Yonge St, Victoria St or Town Centre) typically have the shortest wait times?

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