Postal Code Database


Canada Post

The Postal Code database that corresponds Postal Codes to geographic locations denoted by a Longitude and Latitude or Street Address range.

Under review


Scott D. - February 14, 2018

a spatial layer representing postal code prefix areas in Ontario would be extremely beneficial for the generation of educational mapping products.

Michael Ross - February 09, 2018

The Province of BC needs a representative point in the correct block on the correct side of the block for each postal code (down to the LDU). We need to determine an approximate location when a citizen enters a postal code into a Province of BC application. We don't intend to assign postal codes to addresses!

Geoff - January 18, 2018

This should be a priority - this is information the government has that would be immensely helpful both commercially and for educational purposes.

colekel - January 09, 2018

I need a list of all postal codes in Saskatchewan. Is this file available?

Cheryl Verhaeghe - January 08, 2018

Is there a shapefile available for Postal Codes. I am looking to create a map of Postal code regions in Alberta

Traci Schoenradt - January 05, 2018

Can I get a list of all 6 digit postal codes with corresponding city for each Canada province. I need this to map our growing Sales organization for sales territories.

Wayne Yang - January 04, 2018

definitely needed.
I am finding that most mapping software including Google Maps/Earth requires the Long and Lat coordinates.
Having the postal code will not allow be to cluster and map the data points on a map cheaply.

Nitesh Dulal - January 01, 2018

I am building an app that helps them find nearby doctors.
Need the database of address so that i can verify the location.

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