Economics and Industry

Border Wait Time Interactive Tracker (iTrack-Border)

Border Wait Time Interactive Tracker (iTrack-Border) is an application that allows one to visualize and predict current Border Wait Time (BWT) at Canadian land border crossings. A combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques is used to predict Border Wait Time at a Land Port for any day in future, based on the historical data from Open Canada and queueing theory.


Milieu is a web application that maps urban planning and development information in an easy to use interface. We allow citizens to comment on developments in their neighbourhoods and use cognitive computing to translate their feedback into insight for decision makers in real time.


Four students from various background at The University of Waterloo are pleased to present AIM, a mobile web application that uses open data to improve the lives of Canadians through increased productivity. AIM provides market research for Canadians interested in starting a business.

With AIM the user enters the desired postal code to conduct business. Based on this input the app shows the target audience, products this audience buys, and the price at which they are wiling to buy desired products. Lastly AIM uses media consumption data to present ways to advertise.

Our Neighbourhood Guide

Are you planning to move, or invest, in a property in a new neighbourhood? Our Neighbourhood Guide (ONG) helps you locate available real estate, local jobs, search nearby amenities, explore commute options, review 311 report trends and much more!

ONG guides you with real estate evaluations, view free and impartial real estate market reports and obtain great mortgage rates directly on your mobile device.