Health and Safety

Canada Vehicle Recalls

The Vehicles Recall Database is used by the Defect Investigations and Recalls Division of Transport Canada to record recalls and monitor recall completion rates pertaining to vehicles, tires, and child restraints. This app reports the recalls of consumer cars and SUVs in the database.

You can search recalls by vehicle maker, model and year. The report will include official recall number, manufacturer-assigned recall number, total affected units, affected item parts and detailed description of the recall etc.

Approved Drug Checker

This tool helps in finding product specific information on drugs approved for use in Canada. The app is connected with Health Canada Open Data using API. The Health Canada Open Data includes human pharmaceutical and biological drugs, veterinary drugs, radiopharmaceutical drugs and disinfectant products. It contains approximately 47,000 products that are currently approved, marketed, dormant or cancelled.

Zoom Nutrition

An application that simplifies the nutritional label found on food products. It translates color-coded nutrition information, inspired by the colors of traffic lights, to allow consumers to make informed choices in the grocery store. Nutritional criteria were established for twelve food categories. The mobile app is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Also available on the Apple Store

Canada Weather Stats

Weather dashboard for more than 800 locations across Canada. Consolidates current conditions, forecast, and historical climate data all in one view. Customizable. Up to 360 different charts available per location with data going back as early as 1866. Live twitter feeds are available for many locations.

Adverse Event Vigilance Data On Canadian Drugs

This published data visualization app is based on Health Canada's Vigilance Database on Drug's Adverse Events (side effect reports) APIs. I created this data visualization alongside a programmed database since there has always been a need for quick retrieval of 'Big Data'.

Health Canada’s large dataset covers years 1965 until today. They update it quarterly. I published this light versioned data visualization by only featuring the latest quarter's data. It provides data interactively faster. I can cover more if required.

Recall Safety

Recall Safety allows you to quickly view the 15 most recent recalls from Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Transport Canada making sure you keep yourself and family safe no matter where you are.

DPD Mobile

Canadian Drug Product Database for BlackBerry®

Drug and medication data on the go. Health Canada's Drug Product Database stored on your BlackBerry® for quick and easy access for the informed consumer and health professional. It maintains accurate and reliable licensed data from Health Canada. There are over 40,000 active and discontinued drug records furnished by Health Canada.

Canadian Travellers

Canadian Travellers app aims at informing the Canadian public of issues affecting the security and well-being of Canadians abroad, health notices outlining potential risks to travellers, and providing estimated border wait times when crossing the Canada/U.S land border.

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