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Our mission is to be the data socializing platform not just for corporate and enterprises but for communities, cities and people all across. Data intelligence is still confined to corporate world. The Open Data revolution has exposed vast amount of data to us, people, globally. We want to bring data to life and have a level playing field for all of us. This will truly transform us into smart societies


Shared Service Canada's Customer Satisfaction Feedback Initiative data references how SSC is doing as rated by the departments and agencies it services. The clients provide input on a monthly basis rating our service from 1 to 5 (being highest) It is based on 6 criteria - Overall Timeliness, Timeliness when there is an outage, Ease of Access, Positive Outcome, Process Aspects and the Overall Engagement Experience.

The application allows you to select a specific department and view the information in a table format or a graph which can be filtered by year and the points above.

Inuvik Satellite Station Facility Story Map

The Inuvik Satellite Station Facility Story Map was built using the Federal Geospatial Platform’s Collaborative Mapping Environment, and combines geospatial data, photos and videos. This interactive map describes the facility and includes a brief lesson on satellite stations, remote sensing and satellite technologies. One section concentrates on the Town of Inuvik, highlighting key areas in town. Another section focuses on the Indigenous groups that live in the Inuvik region: the Inuvialuit and Gwich'in peoples.

KH Canada

KH CANDADA is, “a discovery portal to lifestyle interests in Canada’s cities and urban centers”

Over 900 of Canada’s Urban Centers (Cities, Towns, Trade Centers etc.) are pre-loaded for off-line use with microphone (voice-to-text)

The 900+ Canadian Urban Centers include those from the 2016 Canada Census with 160 Metropolitan and curated UNData with 1,522 Urban Centers.

However, with internet connection, Canadian addresses are also searchable with keyword search using the Auto-Plus search button

KH HIT-CITY app (Cities Portal)

KH HIT-CITY is made by KamaHapa, a Vancouver based start-up!

When launching the app, everyone sees a vista of Whistler BC. That’s the Home Page. The app proudly promotes Canada to the World, right at the outset.

Just search “HIT-CITY” on Google Play.

17 Canadian cities + Whistler are pre-loaded for “Drag-Drop Marking” on Google Maps, where a Street View is automatically rendered, if available. For pre-loaded cities, the Google GPS Navigator is also activated simply by clicking on a marker.

The Hansard Chatbot: epac

epac turns Hansard into a chatbot. Follow parliamentary debate in a conversational format on topics important to you, organized in a thoughtful manner.

epac is a civic engagement tool that keeps Canadians in touch with their government. Debates in the House of Commons are displayed in a group chat format that makes it easy to see which members of parliament are actively engaging in debate. It also lets you follow the conversation on topics that affect you as a Canadian.


Milieu is a web application that maps urban planning and development information in an easy to use interface. We allow citizens to comment on developments in their neighbourhoods and use cognitive computing to translate their feedback into insight for decision makers in real time.

Funding Decisions Data

CIHR’s funding decisions are the official record of what was decided by CIHR’s Science Council. Decisions include all successful applicants (whether or not the grant or award was accepted) and financial amounts presented reflect the original decision.

CIHR’s Funding Decision Database is comprised of data pertaining to grants and awards approved by CIHR.

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