Agribusiness Site Explorer

The Agribusiness Site Explorer is an interactive map-based tool that provides potential investors with information and data on different geographical sites across Canada. The application allows you to compare locations across Canada to help make an informed decision when investing in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector.

You can use the tool to gather information on:


The only app to provide border crossing wait times for US and Canada borders and entering US from Mexico with cameras, government wait times and real-time traffic maps.

Using this information combined will help you determine which is the best border crossing to go to at that time!

Passively uses your location to display the border crossings closest to you with the option to view any other border crossings by country and destination.


A basic Border Wait Time web app using Material Design Ruby on Rails without a database. When making the app I had basic goals. 1. To build something using Open data. 2. Use rails without a database to build and render static html (or mostly static html) from the open data.

Quick Border

Minimize your wait times at land borders and plan your itinerary accordingly. With Quick Border App, you can get the wait times for the most popular land borders between the Canada and the United States. For each land border, you can get the wait time to enter or exit Canada whether you use the travellers’ lanes or the commercial lanes. Use Quick Border App to save your favorite land border locations and see only those locations on the map.

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