Staffing and Non-Partisanship Survey interactive tool

In addition to the other reports available to organizations, the Public Service Commission wanted to innovate on the presentation of survey results by developing an interactive data visualization tool. The main purpose of this tool is to communicate the survey information in a clear and efficient way through a graphical interface.

This interactive tool allows the user to manipulate the data to obtain the most useful and relevant data for their needs. It also offers easy and intuitive access to data, as well as the ability to compare information and select slices specific for organizations.

Designed using open technology, the tool contains all the survey data, by first official language, the region, organisation and organisation size. The data is also available in tabular form for ease of analysis.

To explore the SNPS data visually, users may make selections in the drop-down menus and list of organizations. At the top left of the tool, either (or both) official language(s) and a region of Canada (or all regions) may be selected to narrow responses by language and region. Below this is a list of organizations and aggregations user may choose from. Multiple organizations may be selected or deselected by holding the Ctrl key (or Command key for MacOS)while clicking on items.

Users may narrow the respondent categories to those exclusive to Managers, exclusive to Staffing Advisors, or open to all respondents by using the drop-down menus above the bar chart. Individual questions may also be selected from a drop-down list.

Below the bar chart is a data table with the percentage results of the selected question and a colour key to the bar chart. The bar chart and data table update automatically with any changes in selected criteria.

multi-bar Chart multi-bar Chart associated to the data below