The National Broadband Coverage Data represents broadband coverage information, by technology, for existing broadband service providers. Coverage information for Broadband Canada Program projects is included for all completed projects. Coverage information is aggregated over a grid of hexagons, which are each 6 km across. The estimated range of unserved / underserved population within in each hexagon location is included.


Dataset Resources

Resource Name Format Language Link
Dataset CSV English Download
Supporting Documentation DOC English Download
Supporting Documentation DOC French Download
Data Dictionary TXT French Download
Data Dictionary TXT English Download
Dataset CSV French Download
Reference Hexagons KML / KMZ Bilingual (English and French) Download

Developer Tools

  • The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in JSON format
    Link to JSON format


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    Could you add some more tag. i.e. Coordinates, Decimal Degrees, Lattitude, Longitude,

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    The 'supporting documentation' link is broken.

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    The following response was posted on behalf of the data owner : "“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will work to ensure all links are functioning as quickly as possible.”

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    Hi there, How can I download a shapefile for the hexagon?

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