Vehicle Recalls Database

The Vehicles Recall Database is used by the Defect Investigations and Recalls Division to record recalls and monitor recall completion rates pertaining to vehicles, tires, and child restraints. The API excludes all the “inconsequential” or “non-safety related” recall data.


Dataset Resources

Resource Name Format Language Link
Dataset CSV Bilingual (English and French) Download
Data Dictionary TXT French Download
Data Dictionary TXT English Download
Dataset XML Bilingual (English and French) Download
Vehicle Recalls API JSON Bilingual (English and French) Download
Vehicle Recalls API XML Bilingual (English and French) Download

Developer Tools

  • The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in JSON format
    Link to JSON format


  • Don Parker


    Your JSON download is not working

  • open-ouvert


    Thank you for your comment. The following response has been posted on behalf of Transport Canada : "The JSON resource is identified as an API and is intended for a development community to access and query the dataset through URL requests and receiving JSON responses. Access the URL directly will return the metadata on how to query the actual data using the URL based API. There is no file to download as a result. The API reference has also now been updated to reflect our latest version of our API which has very minor changes in the URL but the syntax is essentially the same". Thank you.

  • M. Finney


    Please state simply how the owner of a vehicle can access information on the recalls of his or her vehicle. Like "Don" , I also tried to download JSN. If , as you say, that database is simply not available for download, where can we access information about vehicle recalls? Please make your response simple and clear. Thank you.

  • open-ouvert


    Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your comment to the dataset provider (Transport Canada) for their response. For good measure: the CSV and XML format versions of the Vehicle Recalls Database are available for download. Would you like to try either of those versions?

  • Richard


    Does the JSON api actually expose the same amount of data included in the extracts provided? I would like to see the dataset provider give you an example JSON url that would include details like: manufacturer_recall_no_txt, category_etxt, units_affected_nbr, system_type_extx and comment_etxt. I have been unable to find a query string that will include all the same fields. The best I could do was to get a subset of the data. Using TC recall number 2015196 for example I received:

  • Data Chimp


    I can't find any documentation for the API. Is this available somewhere? All I see is a list of parameters but no direction on how to construct URL. Thanks.

  • Peter


    I can't find any coherent documentation on the API and it's exposed methods. Does that even exist?

  • open-ouvert


    Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your comment to the dataset provider for their response. Best regards, the Open Government Team