Meteorological Observations

Meteorological Observations describe datasets that contain information about weather and climate conditions as available on the City-Pages of the Environment Canada web site. These pages contain information about current weather conditions and past climate including temperature, wind, and humidity measurements, written descriptions of current conditions, rain and snow amounts, average and extreme temperatures, etc. The current conditions are acquired from a variety of observing system operators and are provided in near-real time with limited quality assurance. Current condition information should not be considered as quality-controlled official values. The availability of values for every observation period is not guaranteed as they may be affected by observing system operations.


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Can't do any annual comparisons

Thank you for your comment. Teh following response has been posted on behalf of the data owner : At the moment we do not provide annual data for any location(s) across Canada on our Climate website. However, you do have the option to gather all available Daily and/or Monthly Historical data for free for any Climate station(s) of your interest across Canada at , and calculate the annual values of your interest at your convenience. In case you do have any further questions regarding data availability you can contact directly our National Climate Services office at and we will provide further support where possible. Thank you for your interest in Environment Canada’s products.

Unfortunately none of the download buttons seem to be functional. Related note, where can one batch-download historical data?

Hi Kyle, I have contacted the data owner for action/ clarification. Once a response is received, it will be posted here. Thank you, Tasha, the Open Government Team