Benefits Paid in Countries with which Canada has concluded a Social Security Agreement

Number and Amount of Benefits Paid Outside Canada to countries with which Canada has concluded a Social Security Agreement to people who have lived or worked in another country.


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2012-2016 Dataset CSV English
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The link to download is not pointing to a CSV file. Please update.

Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your comment to the dataset provider for their response. Best regards, the Open Government Team

I applaud the government for this initiative! In this case I would appreciate contextual information. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is not familiar with these programs. This dataset would be better if the terms were defined rather than simply stated. Even better would be a link to further information such as a wikipedia page that discusses the program. If such a page does not exist, a reference to key legislation on the topic would be helpful - because then some citizen may be motivated to create a wikipedia page on the topic. I recommend you expose another category of moderated comment: Suggested links. This would allow anybody to add their own links to the dataset which will provide the context for the data.

I worked in Australia for nearly two years in 1977 through to 1979. This year I will be turning 65 and may be entitled to pension benefits for the time I worked in Sydney. Please provide directions so I can inquire as to possible benefits I may be entitled to.

Stella - your first step would be to have a look here to see if you might be eligible. Best wishes, Karin - the open-ouvert team

Hi, I worked at the Canadian Embassy in Algeria for 9 years while I was an Algerian citizen & contributed to the Canadian Pension Plan. I moved to the US & became a US citizen. Now, I am about to turn 65, I would like to know if I am entitled to the CPP? I could not find the appropriate information to guide that's why I am writing to you. Thanks so much for any help.

Katia, If you follow the link above and click through the screens, you should have access to the information you need. This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, but we don't deal with policies or program delivery. If you require further assistance, you can call Service Canada (from Canada and the United States) at 1-613-957-1954. They need you to have your Canadian social insurance number ready in order for them to assist. Best wishes, Karin the open-ouvert team

what is this???

Hi, This dataset shows the number of benefits paid outside Canada to countries with which Canada has concluded a Social Security Agreement to Canadians who have lived or worked in another country. If you have any specific questions about this dataset, please provide more details so I can address your inquiry more directly. Thank you, Momin, Open Government team.