Government of Canada Employee Contact Information Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS) provides public access to Government of Canada employee contact information as provided by participating departments. Encoded with the Latin Alphabet 1 (ISO 8859-1) character set. This is the dataset that contains all of the raw data within the Government of Canada Employee Contact Information system, not the searchable lookup. To search for contact information, please go to Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS). (​​ 2014-02-21 2016-12-01 Shared Services Canada PersonsGEDSGovernment Employee ContactsGovernment Employee Directory GEDS - Government of Canada Employee ContactsCSV

Government of Canada Employee Contact Information

Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS) provides public access to Government of Canada employee contact information as provided by participating departments.

Encoded with the Latin Alphabet 1 (ISO 8859-1) character set.

This is the dataset that contains all of the raw data within the Government of Canada Employee Contact Information system, not the searchable lookup. To search for contact information, please go to Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS). (​​


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This is great! Thank you for sharing! I encountered a few issues while reading the CSV data file format. It seems quiet inconsistent (ie: inconsistent column quoting - some rows are quoted, others are not; quote characters are not escaped - this creates ghost columns in some programs; empty line at end of doucment; non UTF-8/16 characters; etc.) - but opening the file in Excel and resaving as CSV fixes the formatting issues. Also, some data inconsistencies exist (ie: duplicate entries - does Stuart Campbell really have 3 jobs?; missing emails - nearly 100,000 of them; other missing data; etc.)

The data is very incomplete even for those departments that volunteered to submit information. I wonder what can be done to keep GEDS updated. Maybe allowing employees to update their own information. Or synchronizing it with the payment system, which clearly has the most up-to-date information about Govt. of Canada employees.

Hi Dan, Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your comment to the data owner for their consideration. Regards, Momin The Open Government team

I noticed the department is listed in column AK, just scroll right.

Would it be possible to include the government department in this file? This would be very helpful. Thanks for the follow-up.

Thanks for your comments Amanda. We have forwarded them to the dataset holder for response. Karin - the open-ouvert team

I noticed the department is listed in column AK in the Excel spreadsheet if you download it.

Can you please tell me when the current file was downloaded and how often it is updated? It says that the file is updated daily but I suspect this is not the case. Thanks in advance!

Hi Amanda, The data owner has confirmed that the file is updated daily. Regards, Momin The Open Government team

It would be great if there were a BB app for GEDS, the web version on BB10 does not work very well, if at all. Is there one? If so where can I download it since I can't find it in the BB World?

I may be missing it, but would it be possible to be able to search by location (city) in the GEDS replacement (GCDirectory).

Hi Jay, thanks for your comment. It is currently not possible to search by location, you can however conduct a search by organization. For more information see here: Regards, Momin, the Open Government team.

Let me add my comments to the stream of people saying that they want the old GEDS back. I am trying to find my family member in GEDS and it is no longer there. I did try the link supplied by Momin way up at the top. No luck. Please bring back GEDS. We don't need open government. We need systems that work.

Hi Mary, GEDS has a new name and a new look. The reason for this is to allow the directory to be better integrated with a wider program called "GCTools". Despite the new look, the system remains the same. Thank you, Momin, the Open Government team.

Who stole GEDS and when can it be returned, as an easily accessible web resource?

Hi Martha, GEDS can be found here: Thank you, Momin, the Open Government team.

I'm a bit disappointed that: A. This data is not refreshed more often, this file appears to be fairly old. (At least 6 months if not longer) B. This data is not accessible via a web service (like soap/json) I hope that this can updated.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the data owner for their review. Momin, the Open Government team.

When is the next update for this dataset? Although the Maintenance and Update Frequency is "daily", I don't think that this is the case.

Hi Nora, you are correct. I have asked the data owners for a response to your question and to correct the frequency on the page to deter further confusion. Stay tuned! Momin, the Open Government team.

The dataset is 2 months old while the Maintenance and Update Frequency indicate 'Daily' ??

Hi Stephane, Thank you for your comment. Your concern has been forwarded to the data owner, we will update you once they return with a response. Momin, Open Government team

the link : (​​ at the top of the page does not work. What a pathetic site.

Hi Grant, I was able to access GEDs through the link just now. Did you click 'search/browse' under 'GC directory' on the top left hand side? I am happy to contact the data owner for you as well to relay your comment. Please note that comments are moderated according to the rules of engagement found at this address ( Tasha, the Open Government Team

Not all the employees are listed, and so they cannot be contacted. When doing accreditation, an open and honest organization chart has to be accessible to the public, but the Government of Canada does not do that - what does this mean? Please list ALL employees so they can be identified and accountable for the work they do and the work they do not do. I dare you to publish this.

Time to recapture "access". Difficult to find people according to job title. Time to return to "transparency and access" now that the CONservatives are gone.


Why is it governments can't keep it simple. Looking up an employee to contact should be simple. Searching in circles is a time waster. A very poorly designed system.

Are there any plans on providing internet access to your Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS) for updating purposes to specific Crown Corporation employees?

Thanks for your question, Claude. We have shared it with the dataset holder for their response. Stay tuned! Karin open-ouvert team

Hi Claude, Since this is more of an internal GEDS related question, the dataset holder has requested that you direct your question to Thanks and hope this helps! -Tasha, the Open Government Team

Why is it that Governement Employees personal information is being shared outside of the government (worldwide)? And that without the knowledge or permission of the employees themselves. Full Name, Work Address, Telephone Number, Title, etc. It is no ones business where someone works. This should remain prive.

Thanks for your comment, we have contacted the data owner and will get back to you as soon as we have an answer. Thom for the Open Government Team

Good morning, Hopeful - We received this response from the data holder: GEDS is legislated to provide government employee contact information to departments and to the public. It has been providing this information to the public from the GEDS online application at for many years. Recently the same information has been made available on the Open Government website. Departments have the ability to protect certain fields (such as address, email and phone numbers) from being shown to the public. They can also prevent employee entries from being released to the public. If you feel your information should not be made public you should contact your department administrator (see Hope this is helpful, Karin - open-ouvert team

Google search of GEDS does not yield link to search for a federal employee. It gives every other possible hits based on association with GEDS

By not adding my previous message you are committing or hiding Truth itself which is a Criminal offence. Transparency? Let it known as God as my witness that this fraud will/is accessible to all [Note from the open-ouvert team: apologies, promotion of products and websites is against our Rules of Engagement (, we had to edit out the included links.]

They don't want to let you contact anyone since they have switch system... I have all the Employees database and access to every employees which is my duty to send them all the following letter: It's illegal to use or be anything legal. This would be committing Fraud. All Government workers are in Fraud by using/claiming a LEGAL NAME... Google Legal Name Fraud. See for yourselves.

I find this system complicated beyond belief. Surely it can be simplified. Where for instance is a breakdown by organizational unit and names thereunder.

Hi Michael, You may be looking for which will provide you with a more user friendly interface to the data. Best regards, the Open Government Team

I only get a spreadsheet with the title of the columns, no data... Is that the intend of that CSV document?

Hi Luc, no, it should have data for ~100k+ rows. Thank you for flagging this, we're working on it. Kent on behalf of the open-ouvert team

The last GEDS (2014) was SOOOO MUCH BETTER, EASIER, ETC. than this present (2015) version. Please consider installing the older version.

There are a few annoying glitches here: 1. The information about the dataset should not be in a sidebar. It looks like navigation and does not immediately register as being information about the dataset. In particular, the dates published, modified and frequency should be more prominent, perhaps where the licence is (which is much less important since the assumption will be that the government information on this site by definition will be open). 2. The ordering of comments from oldest to newest is ridiculous. It means scrolling all the way through to see what the most recent comments are (which may relate to newer information). Please address this design flaw. 3. Threaded commenting would also help to organize comment-responses so these are clearer. The indentation is too subtle. The reply button (repeated in every comment) takes up a LOT of vertical space on a page with lots of comments and should be inline pulled right perhaps, with the name to help streamline the presentation. Hope these comments are helpful. These would make ALL open data pages more usable.

Canadians are not allowed to meet a Govt employee anymore if they have a problem. It is all done by phone. To make matters worse, one cannot even email a govt employee. Is this Democracy. Foreign affairs have no email for contact. Thank You.

I much prefer the previous version of GEDS Hope this new one will be short lived

The following is posted on behalf of Shared Services Canada (SSC): The appearance of URLs appearing on printouts where the page contains links is a result of the recent update to the templates on GEDS to WET 4 ( You can see this same effect when printing pages on This default setting has been changed and these links should no longer appear when printing pages from GEDS ( You may need to refresh the page for this to take effect.

The print-out format today (July 28, 2015) is terrible. It has a lot of info I don't need, e.g., Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (?pgid=014&dn=OU%3DAANDC-AADNC%2CO% etc.). What are all these question marks and percentages for? Do I need them for anything? And the listing doesn't give me the full title of the person I am looking up.

Last year you commented that there was an API in the works. What is the status? When will the API be released?

Hi Pierre, We opted for a nightly refresh of the GEDS data rather than an API to be less resource intensive. That said, if you have preferences please let us know. Thank you, The open-ouvert team

The problem with that is the zip file is huge and contains many mistakes in its CSV formatting which makes it extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, for a CSV formatter to properly parse. It requires human intervention. Therefore, it makes it impossible to write a mobile app that downloads the nightly refreshed data every day in order to be "up to date". The data, as provided, must be cleansed and formatted into a database, online or on device, and shipped, which means every refresh of the data requires human intervention to cleanse the data so it can be imported into a database via a script. Either please fix the CSV file so it can be parsed properly via an automated CSV parser or build an API as promised last year... Regards, Pierre