Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database

The data extract is a series of compressed ASCII text files of the full data set contained in the Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database. It is intended for users who are familiar with database structures and setting up their own queries. Find details on the data structure required for the data file in the Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database - Data Structure. In order to use the data, the file must be loaded into an existing database or information system provided by the user. The Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database contains information about suspected adverse reactions (also known as side effects) to health products, captured from adverse reaction reports submitted to Health Canada by consumers and health professionals, who submit reports voluntarily, as well as by market authorization holders (manufacturers and distributors), who are required to submit reports according to the Food and Drugs Regulations. Information concerning vaccines used for immunization have only been included in the database since January 1, 2011. Indication data has recently been added to the data extract files and the Detailed Adverse Reaction Report. Indication refers to the particular condition for which a health product was taken. For example, diabetes is an indication for insulin. Health products are often authorised for use in treating more than one indication. Note: The database cannot be used on its own to evaluate a health product's safety profile. It does not provide conclusive information on the safety of health products, and is not a substitute for medical advice. Should you have an issue of medical concern, consult a qualified health professional.


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  • Hao Yi


    Please consolidate the dose units in report_drug such that all the doses are in the same order of magnitude. (e.g. mg --> grams) (mg/kg --> mg taken since weight is reported). Also, please check for the integrity of the data with respect to dosages as some are off by orders of magnitude. Lastly, please check for typographical errors when inputting drug names. Thanks!

  • Nick


    Is it possible to link either REPORT_DRUG_ID or DRUG_PRODUCT_ID in the Table labelled as Report_Drug with National Drug Identification numbers that are found in the National Drug Product Database ( ref: