Adjusted daily rainfall and snowfall dataset for Canada version 2007

This dataset contains adjusted daily rainfall R and snowfall S data from all Canadian stations reporting rainfall and snowfall for which we have metadata to do the adjustments. The processing includes inspection and adjustment using quality control procedures customized for producing gridded datasets, including: 1 conversion of snowfalls to their water equivalents; 2 corrections for gauge undercatch and evaporation due to wind effect, for gauge specific wetting loss, and for trace precipitation amount same as in Mekis and Vincent, 2011 ; 3 treatment of flags e.g. accumulation flags . A total of 2146 stations were processed; their record lengths vary from 3 to167 years. The number of stations changes over time: 1 station starting 1840, tens of stations in the period 1871-1913, hundreds of stations in the period 1914-1972, 1018 to 1408 stations in the period 1973-1989, and 600 to 900 stations since 1998.

Reference Mekis, E. and L.A. Vincent, 2011: An overview of the second generation adjusted daily precipitation dataset for trend analysis in Canada. Atmosphere-Ocean, 49 2 , 163-177. Xu 2012 - Homogenization of Canadian in-situ precipitation data, Final Report of Contract KM040-09-1134.


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Adjusted daily rainfall and snowfall dataset for Canada version 2007 Dataset Other English Access
Ensemble des données quotidiennes ajustées de pluie et neige pour le Canada – version 2007 Dataset Other French Access

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