Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Maximum Monthly Rates of New Benefits

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Maximum Monthly Rates of New Benefits includes maximum monthly rates for new CPP benefits from 1967 to date.


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Monthly Rates of New Benefits - 1967-2017 Dataset CSV English
Monthly Rates of New Benefits - 1967-2017 Dataset XLS English




    excellent statistics

  • Joan Embree


    Neither the csv or excel data bases will open.

  • open-ouvert


    Joan, I was not able to replicate your problem. If you are still unable to download the files, please email us directly at Thanks, Karin the open-ouvert team

  • Terry Sanders


    I'm a tax paying Canadian born citizen why is it that I can not speak to any one at human resources development because the system keeps hanging up? When you come calling for your tax money and the taxes on the taxes can I just keep dropping your calls. Why was I issued a confirmation number and access code and neither will sign me into your system. Why do I pay for wsib if when I get hospitalized due to a work place accident they don't want to pay for my time off work or my physiotherapy? And most importantly why must I prove to a robot that I am not a robot?

  • open-ouvert


    Terry, I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you've been having with Service Canada's contact system. This particular comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, but we don't deal with policies or program delivery. To have your problem addressed directly, I would suggest you contact Service Canada by telephone at 1-800-277-9914 or explore other options for contacting the department here: Best wishes on your recovery, Karin - the open-ouvert team

  • Holly Gazo


    Thanks, I found everything I needed. Very easy to navigate for a government site!

  • open-ouvert


    Hi Holly, thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback! Momin, Open Government team.