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  • Performance Readiness Evaluation Tool (PRET)

    In order to improve the capability to monitor and evaluate the neurocognitive (NC) status of the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) initiated the development of a novel tool called Performance Readiness Evaluation and Training Tool (PRET). PRET is based...
    Canadian Space Agency
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  • Education Costs as per the Public Accounts of Canada

    At the end of each fiscal year, government-wide financial information is published in the Public Accounts. This dataset, based on the Volume 3 of the Public Accounts, provides details of education costs incurred in the given fiscal year. For the purpose of this statement, an education cost...
    Public Services and Procurement Canada
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  • Program Alignment Architecture for Transport Canada

    The Program Alignment Architecture presents a structured inventory of Transport Canada's programs as per the Treasury Board Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structure.
    Transport Canada
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  • Emerald Ash Borer Regulated Areas

    This dataset represents city, county, district, district municipality, municipality, regional municipality, town, township, and united county boundaries for the Emerald Ash Borer regulated areas of Canada.File naming convention:Three-letter Pest's scientific name + Geographic Area Abbreviation +...
    Canadian Food Inspection Agency
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