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Unemployment Rate The number of people who are unemployed as a percentage of the active labour force (i.e. employed and unemployed). 2023-04-05 Government of Alberta economicinfo@gov.ab.ca LabourEmploymentFemale UnemploymentIndustry Labour ForceLaborLabor ForceLabourLabour ForceMale UnemploymentUnemploymentUnemployment RateWorking Age PopulationYouth Unemployment Unemployment RateXLS https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/f212a64f-92f0-430c-a04f-06436b1239d2/resource/058bf9e2-33c8-405e-b9ba-de4ca4f87bcb/download/unemploymentrate.xls Unemployment RateXML https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/f212a64f-92f0-430c-a04f-06436b1239d2/resource/08da0de6-7957-4f52-8663-708e4af8571b/download/rows.xml Unemployment RateJSON https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/f212a64f-92f0-430c-a04f-06436b1239d2/resource/16bc1cf5-6f80-48a6-ba2f-9f41fff82d2e/download/rows.json Unemployment RateCSV https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/f212a64f-92f0-430c-a04f-06436b1239d2/resource/32985162-2973-4a66-b5c1-cd1ec45de13a/download/unemploymentrate.csv Unemployment Rate.xlsxXLS https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/f212a64f-92f0-430c-a04f-06436b1239d2/resource/b05f4c51-13df-46d0-b345-5999bfcc518e/download/unemployment-rate.xlsx Original metadata (https://open.alberta.ca/opendata)HTML https://open.alberta.ca/opendata/f212a64f-92f0-430c-a04f-06436b1239d2

The number of people who are unemployed as a percentage of the active labour force (i.e. employed and unemployed).

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