01. Directive on Open Government


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Lead implementing department(s)
Treasury Board Secretariat
Reporting period

Deliverables for this commitment are on track to be completed by June 2016.


Issue mandatory policy requiring federal government departments and agencies to maximize the release of data and information of business value subject to applicable restrictions related to privacy, confidentiality, and security. Eligible data and information will be released in standardized, open formats, free of charge, and without restrictions on reuse.

Results Next Steps Body Completion Level
  • This deliverable is now complete.

1. Issue a new Directive on Open Government to require federal departments and agencies to maximize the release of eligible government data and information.

  • The Directive requires federal departments and agencies to each publish an Open Government Implementation Plan by October 31, 2015 that describes their planned activities for meeting Directive requirements, including the development of data and information inventories.
  • Full compliance with the Directive is required by March 31, 2020.
  • Departments to upload their Open Government Implementation Plans to the open.canada.ca website. (Oct 2015)
  • Monitor compliance to this requirement through the Government of Canada’s Management Accountability Framework, a Deputy Minister performance monitoring initiative. (ongoing)

2. Require federal departments and agencies to publish Open Government Implementation Plans.

  • Tools and guidance to support the implementation of Directive requirements by departments and agencies across government are currently under development.
  • Develop guidance for the development and publishing of data/information inventories. (June 2016)

3. Establish tools and guidance for the publication of departmental data Inventories.


Supports the principles of transparency and accountability, and is targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenges of improving public services, and increasing public integrity by establishing government-wide policy direction for the proactive release of data and information that is open by default.


The Directive makes “Open by Default” the standard for the Government of Canada through a mandatory policy instrument.

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