04. Open Data for Development (OD4D)


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Lead implementing department(s)
International Development Research Centre
Treasury Board Secretariat
Open Data
Reporting period

Deliverables for this commitment are on track to be completed by June 2016.


Work together with developing countries to harness the potential of open data to enhance accountability, create new solutions for delivery of public services, and create new economic opportunities around the world.

Results Next Steps Body Completion Level
  • The OD4D initiative is well underway:
  • Funds provided under the OD4D initiative also supported a number of additional activities around the world, including:
    • Creation of a Leaders Network of Open Data Advocates to support the development and implementation of open data policies;
    • Development of studies on good practices and support for open data applications in health, agriculture, cities, parliaments and education;
    • Development of the Open Data Impact Map, a database with more than 1000 uses of open data;
    • Development of the African Data Consensus (.pdf format), a product of the High Level Conference on the Data Revolution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in March 2015;
    • Launch of the second edition of the Open Data Barometer in January 2015.
  • In addition, the World Bank and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) have also invested resources and funding into the OD4D initiative, helping to expand the technical assistance, scale up of global applications and the coordination among open data standard groups.
  • Continue to build capacity for open data initiatives in developing countries by:
    • Expanding OD4D Network to include Africa and Asia ()
    • Funding 6 additional studies and applications strengthening open data ecosystems in Africa and Asia ();
    • Providing additional technical assistance to governments and training programmes for public servants in select partner countries (ongoing);
    • Providing support for the coordination of global open data standards and platforms (ongoing) ; and
    • Continuing to monitor and evaluate regional open data initiatives in developing countries (ongoing).

1. Build the capacity of the open data initiatives in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, and establish important partnerships with the open data movement in Canada:

  • Support developing countries as they plan and execute national open data initiatives;
  • Develop international data standards and solution-driven networks that can help to bring about social and economic innovation;
  • Measure and evaluate the relationship between open data initiatives and socioeconomic development, informing the quality and reach of future open data initiatives.
  • Canada hosted the 3rd International Open Data Conference in Ottawa, Ontario on .
    • The IODC was a truly global event with over 1,000 participants from 56 countries, 58 panels and workshops, ten parallel tracks, over 200 speakers, and more than 15 pre- and post-conference events over 9 days.
    • A number of key outcomes were realized through IODC , including the launch of consultations on an International Open Data Charter which is a set of foundational principles for open data policies.
  • A conference outcome document has been published that provides lines of international collaboration leading up until IODC .
  • This deliverable is now complete. Moving forward, Canada will provide support to the organizers of the 4th International Data Conference in Madrid, Spain scheduled for .

2. Host an International Open Data Conference in to bring together experts from around the world to share knowledge and experience to strengthen international collaboration on open government issues.


Supports the principles of transparency and civic participation, and is targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenges of improving public services, increasing public integrity, and increasing corporate accountability by establishing a broader knowledge base for the benefits of open data and supporting implementation of open data initiatives in developing countries around the world.


Supports the global and regional efforts of governments, civil society organizations, and entrepreneurs harnessing open data to achieve development outcomes, and enriches the international sharing of open data solutions and best practices.

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