06. Open Science


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Environment Canada
Industry Canada
Open Information
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While deliverables for this commitment are behind schedule, most of them are on track to be completed by .


Maximize access to federally funded scientific research to encourage greater collaboration and engagement with the scientific community, the private sector, and the public.

Results Next Steps Body Completion Level
  • A draft implementation plan has been completed in consultation with science-based departments and agencies (SBDA) and presented to deputy ministers.
  • Complete internal consultations to refine draft plan (Fall )
  • Launch public consultation on draft plan ()
  • Finalize and confirm approval of plan (Winter )

1. Develop and publish a government-wide Open Science Implementation Plan with specific activities and milestones

  • Work is underway to develop an on-line tool to support one-stop search for scientific publications and data.
  • Define technical requirements and architecture for one-stop search
  • Implement search solution leveraging existing systems.

2. Establish a one-stop search for publications and data resulting from federal scientific activities.

  • Planning underway to support the development of inventories of federal scientific data
    • Preliminary workshops held with SBDAs to discuss consistent approaches to inventories
  • SBDAs to create inventories of their scientific data based on consistent standards
  • Initiate public release of data

3. Develop inventories of federal scientific data and initiate the public release of data.

  • Develop standardized approach for SBDAs to prepare their list of peer-reviewed articles
  • Publish consolidated list on open.canada.ca

4. Publish and maintain a consolidated online list of peer-reviewed articles by Government of Canada scientists dating back to .


Supports the principles of increased transparency and accountability, and is targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenges of improving public services and effectively management public resources by increasing access to the results of scientific research undertaken by federal scientists and supported by federal science-based departments and agencies.


Establishes a government-wide approach to increasing access to federally funded scientific publications and data to spur innovation and improve international collaboration and coordination of research.

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