Open Information on Budgets and Expenditures: Action Plan Commitment 9


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Lead implementing department(s)
Treasury Board Secretariat
Open Data
Reporting period

End-of-term (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016)


On Schedule

Publish expanded information and data on federal spending to help Canadians understand, and hold government accountable for, the use of public monies.

Deliverables Status / Final Results Lessons Learned Completion Level

Launch a new interactive online service that enables Canadians to review and visualize federal spending.

  • Consultations with Canadians will be completed to test and ensure the effectiveness of this new online service.

The Treasury Board Secretariat has launched enhancements to its TBS Infobase expenditure visualization tool which added new ways to view financial information.

Learn and Explore, Explore Visually
Infographics for new users who want to learn about the government and get a sense of the scale of our business. Each organization has a similar infographic, though some of the GoC-level concepts may not apply
Search by department, Create your own report
for experienced users who want to view and compare specific data.
The Inventory of Government of Canada Organizations
provides a comprehensive overview of federal government institutions and corporate interests, organized by ministerial portfolio. Power users continue to have direct access to data through Open Data to conduct detailed analysis.

Challenges and opportunities emerged in pursuing enhancements to the TBS InfoBase as a result of integrating information across a large, complex organization.

Consolidating multiple datasets from various data owners into a standard format is pivotal to the success of an online data tool.

Pre-launch demonstrations and consultations from data owners contributed to a successful launch of the enhancements of the InfoBase.


Provide single-window, searchable access to information that is proactively disclosed by departments and agencies (e.g., travel and hospitality, contracts, grants and contributions).

  • Standardize procedures for publishing mandatory proactive disclosure information by federal departments and agencies.

Proactively released information on completed Access to Information requests can now be searched via and users can Search Government Contracts over $10K from 20 federal departments and agencies.

Consistent communication with senior management and the federal proactive disclosure community is essential in addressing coordination challenges and highlighting best practices. Guidance documentation and training sessions helped raise awareness of new publishing processes.


Rolled over in 2016-18 Plan

Make all data from charts and tables in Budget 2015 available in machine-readable formats to facilitate analysis by citizens and parliamentarians.

The Federal Budget 2015 was announced in April 2015 and all charts and tables from Budget 2015 and Budget 2016 are now accessible as open data via




Supports the principles of transparency, accountability, access to new technologies for openness and accountability. Deliverables are targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenges of improving public services and increasing public integrity by enhancing access to proactively-released data and information on federal budgeting and spending.


Provides enhanced online tools that give a clear picture of the financial expenditures across government enabling Canadians to track government spending over time.

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