Draft for Consultation: End-of-term Self-assessment on Action Plan on Open Government 2014-2016


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The consultation period on this draft is closed, but we want this to be an ongoing dialogue. Please contact us at any time.

Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16, Canada’s second open government plan to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) sought to advance a series of commitments to help modernize how Government operates to reflect the evolving values and expectations of Canadians.

Canada’s 2014-16 Plan was launched on . It was built around three streams of activity to structure our work:

  1. Open data – making raw data available in machine-ready formats to be used by Canadians;
  2. Open information – proactively releasing information on Government activities, and making it more accessible; and
  3. Open dialogue – providing the opportunity for two-way dialogue with the Government of Canada and its citizens on the development and delivery of policies and priorities.

The plan highlighted twelve commitments with deliverables and activities designed to increase transparency, civic participation, public accountability and access to new technologies for openness.

The Open Government team learned important lessons in delivering the 2014-2016 Plan—as you’ll find in each commitment linked from the summary table below—which will inform our work going forward. However, we would like to hear from Canadians on your assessment of our progress throughout the Action Plan 2014-2016 implementation period ( to ).

There are two ways you can participate in this consultation:

  1. Comment on the results of individual commitments by following the links in the summary table below.
  2. You can also comment by sending an email to open-ouvert@tbs-sct.gc.ca. Please note that your comments may be made public (without personal identifiers) as part of the What We Heard report to be published after the consultation period.  

Commitment Summary

This table provides a summary of the status of Canada’s implementation of its 2014-16 Plan commitments as of . The commitment title links to the detail page for that commitment.

Action Plan Commitment Overall Status
Foundational Commitments
1. Directive on Open Government Substantial
Open Data Commitments
2. Open Data Canada Incomplete
3. Canadian Open Data Exchange (ODX) Incomplete
4. Open Data for Development (OD4D) Complete
5. Open Data Core Commitment Complete
Open Information Commitments
6. Open Science Substantial
7. Mandatory Reporting on Extractives Substantial
8. Open Contracting Substantial
9. Open Information on Budgets and Expenditures Substantial
10. Digital Literacy Substantial
11. Open Information Core Commitment Substantial
Open Dialogue Commitments
12. Consulting with Canadians Incomplete
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