Open Information

The goal of Open information is to provide easy access to all of the Government of Canada’s information. This provides Canadians with greater transparency of government programs, activities, publications and spending.


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Search through our Open Information Portal.

Search through our open information portal

Explore our open information portal which provides access to digital information resources. Let us know what you think by contacting us.

Access to information

Learn more about the Canada’s Access to Information (ATI) legislation, search through completed ATI summaries, and make an informal ATI request.

Government-wide reporting

Search through the expenditure database, Quarterly Financial Reports and other information the Government of Canada proactively discloses to ensure that Canadians and Parliament are better able to hold the Government to account.

Proactive disclosure

Browse reports that have been proactively disclosed by departments and agencies, including financial, human resources and government operations information.

Open by Default Pilot

Explore working documents provided by four Government of Canada departments as part of our commitment to making government more open and transparent.

Government expenditure management

Information about how the government spends and manages money, includes links to the federal budget, estimates publications and appropriation acts.

Government Service Performance

Visualize Government of Canada service performance information for a subset of services offered by federal departments and agencies to Canadians, businesses, other governments and more.

Federal Science Library

The Federal Science Library (FSL) is a one-stop, self-serve portal where you can access library services and search the print collections and repositories of seven science-based departments and agencies from a single place.

Forward Regulatory Plans

Includes a listing of links, by organization, to information about anticipated regulatory changes or proposals that departments or agencies intend to bring forward within a given timeframe.

GC InfoBase

Find the latest information on all government finances, people and results.

Experimentation Inventory

Browse Government of Canada active and completed experiments, searchable by government category, type of experimental design, and research question, among others.

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