Progress tracker for the Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership


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The Open Government Tracker provides quarterly updates on the Government of Canada's progress on our open government commitments. We hope this tool will make it easier to stay in-the-know, find opportunities to participate, and ask questions about the work we're doing to make government more open and transparent.

The tracker was developed in addition to the yearly self-assessment reports that we provide to the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Get involved! Have a look on the challenges page to find out how.

Commitment Status Last updated
Open by default
1: Enhance access to information Most deliverables on schedule
2: Streamline requests for personal information Most deliverables on schedule
3: Expand and improve open data Most deliverables on schedule
4: Provide and preserve open information All deliverables on schedule
5: Define an approach for measuring open government performance Most deliverables on schedule
6: Develop open government skills across the federal public service All deliverables on schedule
7: Embed transparency requirements in the federal service strategy All deliverables complete
8: Enhance access to culture and heritage collections Most deliverables on schedule
Fiscal transparency
9: Enhance openness of information on government spending and procurement Most deliverables on schedule
10: Increase transparency of Budget and other Department of Finance information All deliverables complete
11: Increase transparency of grants and contributions funding Most deliverables on schedule
12: Improve public information on Canadian corporations All deliverables complete
Innovation, prosperity, and sustainable development
13: Increase the availability and usability of geospatial data Most deliverables on schedule
14: Increase openness of federal science activities (open science) Most deliverables on schedule
15: Stimulate innovation through Canada's Open Data Exchange (ODX) All deliverables on schedule
16: Align open data across Canada (Open Data Canada) All deliverables on schedule
17: Implement the Extractives Sector Transparency Measures Act All deliverables complete
18: Support openness and transparency initiatives around the world All deliverables on schedule
Engaging Canadians and the world
19: Engage civil society on open government All deliverables complete
20: Enable open dialogue and open policy making All deliverables on schedule
21: Promote open government globally All deliverables complete
22: Engage Canadians to improve key Canada Revenue Agency Services All deliverables complete
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