Progress tracker for the Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership


The Open Government Tracker provides quarterly updates on the Government of Canada's progress on our open government commitments. We hope this tool will make it easier to stay in-the-know, find opportunities to participate, and ask questions about the work we're doing to make government more open and transparent.

The tracker was developed in addition to the yearly self-assessment reports that we provide to the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Get involved! Have a look on the challenges page to find out how.

Commitment Status Last updated
Open by default
1: Enhance access to information Most deliverables on schedule
2: Streamline requests for personal information Most deliverables on schedule
3: Expand and improve open data Most deliverables on schedule
4: Provide and preserve open information All deliverables on schedule
5: Define an approach for measuring open government performance Most deliverables on schedule
6: Develop open government skills across the federal public service All deliverables on schedule
7: Embed transparency requirements in the federal service strategy All deliverables complete
8: Enhance access to culture and heritage collections Most deliverables on schedule
Fiscal transparency
9: Enhance openness of information on government spending and procurement Most deliverables on schedule
10: Increase transparency of Budget and other Department of Finance information All deliverables complete
11: Increase transparency of grants and contributions funding Most deliverables on schedule
12: Improve public information on Canadian corporations All deliverables complete
Innovation, prosperity, and sustainable development
13: Increase the availability and usability of geospatial data Most deliverables on schedule
14: Increase openness of federal science activities (open science) Most deliverables on schedule
15: Stimulate innovation through Canada's Open Data Exchange (ODX) All deliverables on schedule
16: Align open data across Canada (Open Data Canada) All deliverables on schedule
17: Implement the Extractives Sector Transparency Measures Act All deliverables complete
18: Support openness and transparency initiatives around the world All deliverables on schedule
Engaging Canadians and the world
19: Engage civil society on open government All deliverables complete
20: Enable open dialogue and open policy making All deliverables on schedule
21: Promote open government globally All deliverables complete
22: Engage Canadians to improve key Canada Revenue Agency Services All deliverables complete