Help shape Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 2016–18


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The consultation period is closed, but we want this to be an ongoing dialogue.


On this page you can comment on or vote for suggestions, or you can suggest a new idea. The ideas and discussion you contribute will help us to develop the draft commitments for Canada’s next Action Plan on Open Government.

Open government ideas can span a wide range of activities and it is helpful to think in terms of themes. The themes described below have been identified from previous consultations and reflect international trends in open government.

Open Information

Make government information open by default.

Social and Economic Development

Champion open government principles and initiatives at home and abroad to support inclusive social and economic progress.

Innovation and Prosperity

Ensure easy and consistent access to the government data and information to facilitate value-added analysis and drive socio-economic benefits through reuse.

Fiscal Transparency

Make financial information more readily available and easier to track, allowing Canadians to have a full accounting of how their tax dollars are being spent.

Enabling Citizens

Provide Canadians with the information they need to fully participate in the democratic process, and the opportunity to make their voices heard on government policy and programs.

Suggested Ideas

Environment Canada and Industry are currently behind schedule on this commitment: "Maximize access to federally funded scientific research to encourage greater collaboration and engagement with the scientific community, the private sector, and the pub
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Making open data work for agriculture and nutrition requires a shared agenda to increase the supply, quality, and interoperability of data, alongside action to build capacity for the use of data.
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Many of the issues with the ATI process that are mentioned in the media can be explained in whole or in part by the incentives that the current ATIP process and system creates for public servants.
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Canada was one of the first countries to include an Open Contracting commitment in its 2014 action plan.
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The Government of Canada should adopt a procurement model that recognizes that complex problems or technological needs are rarely fully understood until organizations start experimenting with solutions, and that writing full requirements before engagi
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The government of Canada could use GitHub or alternate open platform to encourage awareness, discussions and collaboration on policy, regulations and legislation.
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Canada has made progress on procurement transparency through its 2014-16 action plan. Canada can build on those commitments by endorsing and fully implementing related transparency initiatives.
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To whom it may concern:
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I am a long-time public interest researcher and a frequent user of both the Access to Information Act and processes for complaint available through the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada.  
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