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Creating Canada’s 4th Plan on Open Government 2018-20

This is your chance to help shape how our country is governed. Between now and June of 2018 you can help decide what open government is and what we are going to do to support it.

The public conversation will connect your ideas, concerns and stories with what the government and its partners can commit to. Our dialogue will take place in public workshops, on social media, and at community events.

Join in: four ways to make government better today

All submissions will be made public; for more information please see the privacy statement.

Open Government Action Plan Callout - Melanie Robert: Transcript

Mélanie Robert: So I'm Mélanie Robert. I work at Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada on Open Government.

Canada is a member of this great organization called the Open Government Partnership, an international organization that helps structure our open government efforts. And as part of that, we get to do a plan every two year with our commitments to Canada and the world, and we're about to start our new consultations for the next plan to come, the 2018 to 2020 Plan.

Open Government is about equipping you to participate in our democracy. It's about allowing you inside, for you to shape our policies and shape the great new services that we want to give, improve the services. So use that power. Participate. We really want this to be a great plan, and we need your ideas for that.

So get involved. Go on and share your ideas with us, so we can make this plan the best one so far. You can follow us on social media—for example, on our Twitter account.

So it's important you participate to make your democracy a better one.

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When is this happening?

Between now and June 2018 we will be collecting ideas and shaping commitments for Canada's next plan on open government.

Figure: Text version
  1. Shaping the Plan: from October 2017 to February 2018
  2. Drafting and reviewing: from February to June 2018
  3. Finalize and implement: From July 2018 to July 2020

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KUBWIMANA Innocent - January 20, 2018

C'est un plan et j'aimerais solliciter ma participation. Mon plan se développe à la réduction du taux de scolarité dans les pays les plus pauvres du monde entier.

Emily Best - December 30, 2017

I am very worried about the health and social service programs which are severely depleted in the area I live and in Toronto where my son lives. I am worried about services for our Native Canadians, Indian and French English descendants of early settlers. These families made Canada great with their religious and moral values. Now their descendants have less access to these services and their familial ideals are not being upheld. Please don"t allow so many refugees in that we can"t look after our own family. Why not put our aid into the countries where they are fleeing from. Talk to the homeless in Toronto on the streets who cant get housing but say the refugees get priority. Talk to my neighbors who can't get into hospital because the beds are full. First we take care of our own and then we give aid to those hurting around the world who are mostly happier in their own culture. We have a real problem in Canada.

Janice Lewis - December 14, 2017

Excellent strategic planning and always happy to participate,

Janice Lewis CTA, CNA, QI
Linked in profile

Colin Lynch - November 28, 2017

I'm happy with the progress so far, particularly with the development of an open data toolkit and the 4th Plan on Open Government. I think we need to move away from where we began this journey in rowing boats to where we could so easily sail flagships, not in isolation, but as a fleet ;o)

SabN - November 23, 2017

Great work team!
I would be happy to assist you in any way - co-lead a session, help you facilitate, whatever it may be!
Let me know, happy to help!
You know how to reach me :)

Dr. Jane Arscott - October 26, 2017

Happy to contribute in any way I can.

The digital divide is alive and well; how can it be overcome or otherwise neutralized.

Gender analysis is similarly important.if the world Open Government seeks to support gives equal care and attention to the dignity of all persons, including Indian, Innu, Metis and all Indigenous Peoples.


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