About this Process: Creating Canada’s 4th Plan on Open Government

The engagement for Canada's plan on open government covers a two-year cycle of listening, responding and learning as we collaboratively set an agenda and implement commitments. Anyone can contribute to the plan. The graphic below describes the process for this cycle.

Open Government Engagement Cycle
4th Plan Engagement Cycle English
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The Open Government Engagement Cycle consists of 6 different phases:

  1. Planning
    September to October 2017
    Solicit involvement and community suggestions on priorities and approach. Establish partnerships.
  2. Shaping
    October 2017 to April 2018
    Generate ideas and refinements. Gather and analyze data. Develop potential commitment list.  Digital and in-person engagement aligned with third party events. 
  3. Drafting
    April to May 2018
    Integrate results and co-create commitments. Prepare comment disposition. Confirm delivery partnerships.
  4. Reviewing
    June 2018
    Cabinet and digital public review of draft plan. 
  5. Finalizing
    July to August 2018
    Integrate comments from public. Collaborate as required to accommodate changes. Publish final plan, What We Heard report and comment data.
  6. Implementing
    August 2018 to June 2020
    Facilitation, project management and reporting as commitments go live.

These 6 phases are arranged around a core of listening, responding and learning:

  • Ongoing social media, email, onsite comments.
  • Categorization, analysis and reporting of what we are hearing and doing.
  • Ongoing review of process and continuous improvement.

What we do with your contributions

We review every comment, idea and suggestion received. Your input becomes the basis for conversations throughout the Government of Canada, which are then fed back into the public engagement process. This helps us identify goals and define them in a specific and measurable way.

This continuous loop builds towards a draft plan for public feedback before becoming a formal set of commitments of the Government of Canada.

We also release a full dataset of every comment received, including our analysis and selection methods. The process will be summarized in a What We Heard report, which will be published on open.canada.ca. Examples of previous data releases and a What We Heard report:

Follow the plan's development

The open government team, on behalf of the Government of Canada, will be working with civil society and interested stakeholders to collect and evolve ideas. As we approach the drafting phase, the emphasis will shift from idea generation towards shaping and co-creating commitments.

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